Managing Emotions in Solving Problems (Case Study of Emotional Empowerment of Student Islamic Boarding School Darul Falah Kedungwuluh Purwokerto)

Asmaya, Enung and Muridan, Muridan (2023) Managing Emotions in Solving Problems (Case Study of Emotional Empowerment of Student Islamic Boarding School Darul Falah Kedungwuluh Purwokerto). THE American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (THE AJHSSR), 6 (2). ISSN 2581-8868


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Problems are individual perceptions of situations and conditions accompanied by negative emotions. It is not a problem if the individual's perception is positive. Emotions affect the perception of reality. The problem or not a problem is determined by the emotional state of the individual. The individual has the power to manage emotions from negative emotions (low) to postitive emotions (high). This power can be done by process, will and knowledge. Individual power is influenced by thoughts, feelings and habits (habituation). Habituation is one of the uniqueness of islamic boarding schools. Islamic boarding schools in this context become a forum for empowering the student community in managing emotions. A variety of emotions that are constantly evolving will be controlled appropriately and quickly towards positive emotions. The research method is carried out with field research. It is located at Darul Falah Kedung Wuluh Islamic Boarding School, West Purwokerto. Subjects appointed caregivers, administrators and students. Caregivers and administrators are the subject of providing empowerment and emotional assistance as well as the creation of habituation. Students in this case, those who are in the early semester as those who receive emotional assistance. The object observed is the emptying of negative emotions. The results of the study found that in managing the emotions of students in Islamic Boarding Schoold Darul Falah Kedungwuluh Purwokerto Barat by doing three approaches, first, teaching about mathematical problems to the students that every situation and condition is not a problem. Second, doing the act of discharging the soul (takholli) from things that are not good, throwing away negative emotions such as sadness, fear and anger by doing self-confession, repented and pleaded to be lifted from negative emotions. Third, itis to fill the soul with positive things (tahalli) such as congregational prayer, recitation of al-Q uran, and studying, simple living, and together regularly and orderly repetitive (habituation). Keywords- manage emotions, problems, takholli, tahalli.

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